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Best Acoustic Guitar Amps: Buyer’s Guide and Review

So, you’re searching for the best acoustic guitar amps, huh? You’ve come to the right place! As musicians, we understand the importance of finding the right gear. Acoustic guitar amps play a crucial role in enhancing your live performances and practice sessions.

These amps have a unique design, making them different from electric guitar amps. Acoustic amps focus on delivering a clean and natural sound that brings out the best in your instrument. Powerful, clear and with the right features, a great acoustic amp will take your playing to the next level.

When shopping for an acoustic guitar amp, keep an eye on wattage, portability, and extra features such as built-in effects or connectivity options. As you explore options, understanding your specific needs will help you make the right choice. Our mission is to make your search easier by presenting the best acoustic guitar amps available today. Let’s dive in!

Why You Need an Acoustic Guitar Amp

As musicians ourselves, we know the importance of projecting our sound. An acoustic guitar amp is a must-have for any aspiring guitarist. It allows you to share your music with an audience and helps you sound your best at all times.

You might think, “Why can’t I just use an electric guitar amp?” Well, acoustic guitar amps are specifically designed to produce a clean, natural tone. It enhances the beauty of acoustic instruments unlike an electric guitar amp, which gives a different sound.

Let’s highlight some key reasons:

  • Volume control: Small gigs or jam sessions become stress-free when you have an acoustic guitar amp. Adjusting the volume ensures you stand out in the mix without overpowering other musicians.
  • Tone clarity: These amps provide a clear, accurate reproduction of your guitar’s sound, so your audience can hear every strum and pluck.
  • Built-in effects: Many amps come with built-in effects like reverb and chorus, giving you more creative options to shape your sound.
  • Portability: Acoustic amps are typically compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around.

Finally, having an acoustic guitar amp is essential when recording your music. It gives you more control over your sound and helps capture the purest audio for your tracks. Trust us, investing in a good amp means you’re investing in your music career.

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps

We’ve gathered our top picks for the best acoustic guitar amps. Check them out below!

Boss Acoustic Singer Live 60-Watt Combo

You’ll love this amp’s premium sound and features for your acoustic performances.


  • Premium sound quality
  • Harmony function for vocals
  • Great effects for guitar and mic


  • May be heavy for some
  • Not ideal for all electric instruments
  • Slightly pricey

We’ve used the Boss Acoustic Singer Live 60-Watt Combo, and it’s a game changer. This small amp packs a punch with its premium sound and outstanding features.

First off, the harmony function is brilliant. It creates smooth and accurate vocal harmonies based on your guitar input, making your performances shine. The chorus effect on the guitar channel and the independent reverb on both channels just add to the amp’s versatility.

However, this amp might not be for everyone – it’s a bit heavy and may not suit all-electric instruments. But for acoustic guitarists and singer-songwriters, it’s a fantastic choice. So go ahead, check out the Boss Acoustic Singer Live and make your musical dreams come true.

AER Compact 60/4 Acoustic Amp

You’ll love this powerful, portable acoustic amp for its natural sound and quality effects.


  • Powerful twin-channel design
  • Brilliant, clear sound performance
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Pricey investment
  • May cause feedback with certain mics
  • Limited EQ options

We’ve had the chance to play with the AER Compact 60/4 Acoustic Amplifier, and let us tell you – it’s amazing. With its twin-channel setup, this amplifier is designed to handle all types of pickups and line signals without losing your instrument’s natural sound.

The Compact 60/4 boasts 60 watts of power, resulting in a crystal-clear tone that sustains beautifully. Despite its small size, this amp comes with a padded gigbag and shoulder strap, making it easy to carry to gigs. It also features a handy 3.5mm AUX input, so you can plug in your phone or other devices for practice sessions.

Keep in mind that while the AER Compact 60/4 does come with a price tag, the sound quality and portability make it worth the investment. Some users have reported feedback with certain guitar microphones, but this may be due to individual setups. Overall, this amp is perfect for guitarists and singer-songwriters who crave natural, powerful sound in a small package.

Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

You’ll love this portable amp for its fantastic sound and battery life, perfect for any acoustic gig.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Lead-acid battery requires careful storage
  • May need occasional maintenance
  • More expensive than some alternatives

The Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge is a game-changer in the world of acoustic guitar amps. Its portable design and rechargeable battery make it a go-to option for musicians on the move.

We can attest to the incredible sound quality produced by this 60-watt gem. Acoustic guitars shine through the speaker, maintaining their natural sound. This amp doesn’t stop at guitars, either. Have a diverse array of instruments? Go ahead and plug them in!

Our favorite feature? That has to be the amp’s Bluetooth connectivity! You can easily play backing tracks or accompaniments directly from your phone. Just connect and start performing, without needing an extra cable.

Now, it’s not all perfect. This amp uses a lead-acid battery, which loses effectiveness if stored for too long. To avoid this, make sure you’re charging and using it regularly. And although the build quality is superb, a bit of maintenance might be required down the line.

In conclusion, the Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge offers exceptional sound quality and portability. If you’re willing to invest a little extra cash and care, you’ll have a fantastic amp that will amplify your performances in any setting.

Fishman Platinum Pro EQ DI Preamp

Acoustic guitarists will appreciate the versatile tonal control and quality of this Fishman preamp pedal.


  • Onboard Compression
  • Footswitchable Boost with Level Control
  • Balanced XLR Out with Pre/Post EQ Switch


  • Slightly expensive
  • Not suitable for all genres
  • Requires a power supply

We got our hands on the Fishman Platinum Pro EQ DI Analog Preamp Pedal, and it’s a game changer for acoustic guitar players. The onboard compression adds some much-needed polish to your sound, while the footswitchable boost gives you that extra volume when needed.

The balanced XLR output with pre/post EQ switch allows you to send your signal directly to a PA system or recording device, ensuring your acoustic tone remains intact. This preamp is perfect for the gigging musician looking to upgrade their sound and command more control over their tone.

Bear in mind, this preamp pedal might feel a bit pricey for some. Additionally, it may not suit all genres or playing styles, so consider your own preferences before taking the plunge. One more thing to keep in mind is that it requires a power supply, so make sure you have one handy.

In conclusion, if you’re an acoustic guitarist seeking to enhance your sound and performance, the Fishman Platinum Pro EQ DI Analog Preamp Pedal is a worthy investment. Its versatile tonal control and quality make it a valuable addition to any gigging musician’s setup.

Line 6 HX Stomp Multi-Effects Pedal

We highly recommend this versatile and powerful pedal for guitarists looking to expand their sound options.


  • HX Modeling for realistic effects
  • Over 300 effects and models available
  • Supports up to 6 simultaneous blocks


  • Bit of a learning curve
  • Stock presets might not impress
  • Can be confusing at first

If you’re a guitarist seeking to elevate your sound, the Line 6 HX Stomp is a game changer. This pedal utilizes the same HX Modeling as the Helix, which means you get incredibly realistic and versatile effects.

But what sets this pedal apart is the sheer number of effects and models it offers. With over 300 options from Helix, M-Series, and legacy Line 6 products, you’ll never run out of creative possibilities.

Of course, with so many options, there’s a learning curve. While the three capacitive-sensing footswitches make editing easier, beginners might need some time to figure out all the features. We recommend downloading presets and IR’s for a better starting point, as the stock presets could be better.

Despite the initial complexity, the Line 6 HX Stomp has the power and flexibility to help you achieve fantastic guitar tones. Plus, based on its size, this multi-effects pedal is an excellent investment for those looking to downsize their pedalboards without compromising quality.

Boss AC-22 LX Acoustic Guitar Amp

Get this amp for a full-immersion acoustic experience with impressive sound projection.


  • Compact size with powerful output
  • 5 Air Feel settings for a natural sound
  • USB audio interface for recording


  • May not suit larger venues
  • Limited to 10-watt output
  • Heavier at 16 ounces

As musicians, we know the struggle to find an acoustic guitar amp that can deliver natural, immersive sound. Enter the Boss AC-22 LX. This compact amp will surprise you with its depth, dimension, and rich acoustic resonance.

What sets the AC-22 LX apart is its advanced spatial technology. With Air Feel, the amp skillfully blows life into your amplified acoustic sound, capturing studio-quality tones. This means you get realistic, vibrant tones, whether you’re practicing at home or performing at a small gig.

While the 10-watt output may not be suitable for larger venues, it’s perfect for those intimate settings. The AC-22 LX also caters to your recording needs, thanks to the built-in USB audio interface. Now, you can create your music as effortlessly as you play.

In conclusion, the Boss AC-22 LX Acoustic Guitar Amplifier might just be the amp for any aspiring musician who wants a compact, quality piece of gear capable of great sound and ready for recording.

Blackstar Sonnet 120-120-watt Combo Amp

We’d definitely recommend this amp for its natural tone and impressive power.


  • Natural and clear sound
  • Powerful 120-watt output
  • Versatile connectivity options


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Not the cheapest option
  • Limited onboard effects

Our hands-on experience with the Blackstar Sonnet 120 was remarkable. The natural, acoustic sound delivered by this amp left us stunned. With 120 watts, you’ll never have to worry about your performance being drowned out, even in larger venues.

One thing we really appreciated was the variety of connection options. This amp features USB and XLR connectors, which allow you to easily integrate it into your existing setup. This is perfect for singer-songwriters and gigging musicians alike. However, it’s worth noting that this amp’s weight, at 24.25 pounds, may be a bit cumbersome for some.

Now, the Blackstar Sonnet 120 isn’t the most budget-friendly amp out there, but we think the trade-off is worth it considering the audio quality and power it provides. The only minor downside is the lack of onboard effects, but that can be resolved with external pedals and processors if needed.

In conclusion, this amp offers an impressive balance of power and natural acoustic tones, ideal for musicians seeking excellent sound quality and versatility. If you can handle the weight and price, this amp is a solid choice.

BOSS Acoustic Singer Live 60-Watt

A must-have for acoustic guitarists seeking premium sound with versatile features.


  • Professional sound quality
  • Harmony function for vocals
  • Various effects for guitar and mic channels


  • Slightly heavy for its size
  • May not suit all instruments
  • Takes time to master all features

When it comes to acoustic amps, BOSS certainly delivers with their Acoustic Singer Live 60-Watt Combo. The sound is rich and detailed, perfect for enhancing the natural tone of your guitar.

One standout feature is the harmony function. It creates smooth vocal harmonies in real-time based on your guitar input. Talk about impressing your audience! Additionally, the amp offers chorus effects for guitar and separate reverb for both channels, allowing you to really shape your sound.

Keep in mind, this amp might feel a bit heavy for its size. But trust us, this extra weight guarantees sturdiness and top-notch quality you won’t regret. Though BOSS Acoustic Singer Live is ideal for acoustic guitars, some users mentioned it might not be the best fit for all instruments. Also, exploring all the functionalities might take some time, but it’s worth the effort.

In conclusion, the BOSS Acoustic Singer Live 60-Watt Combo is a solid investment for acoustic guitarists who want an amp that delivers great sound and versatile features. Don’t be afraid to dive into its multiple functionalities; you’ll love the results!

Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp

You’ll love this amp for its versatility, sound quality, and portability.


  • 40 watts power output
  • Dual front-panel inputs
  • Built-in reverb


  • Limited effects
  • Pricey for some
  • No included power cable

We recently tried out the Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp, and it performed great. From small gigs to rehearsals, it delivers clear, powerful sound that enhances the warmth of an acoustic guitar.

What sets this amp apart is its dual front-panel inputs. With a standard ¼ inch jack for instruments and an XLR input for microphones, it’s perfect for singer-songwriters. It’s like having a small PA system for your gigs.

Although the Acoustasonic lacks effects beyond reverb, the sound quality is impressive. The whizzer cone adds extra punch to your performances, and the built-in reverb provides ambiance without the need for additional pedals.

In conclusion, the Fender Acoustasonic Guitar Amp is a reliable investment for anyone looking to amplify their acoustic guitar and vocals. With its solid build and excellent sound, it’s an ideal choice for performing artists.

Buying Guide: Key Features to Look for in an Acoustic Guitar Amp

Sound Quality and Fidelity

Let’s begin with sound quality. You want an amp that’ll faithfully reproduce your guitar’s natural tones. The amp’s clean channel should provide crisp, warm, and clear sound.

EQ Controls

Next up, EQ controls. These help you shape your sound to your liking. Look for amps with bass, mid, and treble controls for a customized experience.

Built-in Effects

How about some built-in effects? They can spice up your sound and enhance your creativity. Common effects include:

  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • Delay
  • Tremolo

Input and Output Options

Make sure you have the input and output options you need. This includes:

  • 1/4-inch input jack for your guitar
  • Auxiliary input for backing tracks
  • Headphones output for silent practice
  • XLR input for a microphone

Power (wattage)

Power is crucial. It determines the amp’s ability to achieve your desired volume levels.

Venue SizeSuggested Wattage
Practicing at home10-30 watts
Small coffeehouse gigs30-60 watts
Larger venues60+ watts

Feedback Control

You don’t want pesky feedback ruining your performance. Make sure the amp has feedback control to avoid unwanted noises.

Portability and Power Options

Portability matters, especially for gigs. Look for lightweight, compact amps with:

  • Comfortable carrying handles
  • Power options such as batteries or AC power

Durability and Build Quality

A great amp should also be durable and well-built. Check for solid construction and reliable components to withstand regular use.

Additional Features

Finally, watch out for nice-to-have features like:

  • Onboard looper
  • Multiple channels for different instruments
  • Smartphone app integration
  • Recording capabilities

That should give you a solid starting point for your acoustic guitar amp search.

Final Thoughts

We’ve explored some great acoustic guitar amps worth considering. Now it’s up to you to decide which suits your needs.

No matter your budget, there’s an option out there. Experiment to find that perfect sound to enhance your performances.

Remember, each amp has its own unique features. Keep exploring, stay creative, and most important: enjoy your musical journey!

And if you’re looking to really upgrade your gear, check out our picks for the Best Mics and Headphones for Guitar Amps too!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an acoustic guitar amp?

An acoustic guitar amp is a device designed to amplify the natural sound of your acoustic guitar. We plug our guitars into these amps to make the sound louder and more suitable for performances or recording.

Are acoustic guitar amps worth it?

Definitely! Acoustic guitar amps help maintain the rich tone of your guitar while boosting its volume. It’s an essential tool for gigs, recording, or simply practicing at home. Investing in a good acoustic amp can hugely improve your sound quality.

What is the difference between an acoustic amp and a regular amp?

Acoustic amps focus on preserving the natural tone of your guitar, while regular amps (usually for electric guitars) shape and modify the sound to create a variety of tones. This means acoustic amps and regular amps cater to different needs and purposes.

What makes an acoustic guitar amp different from an electric guitar amp?

The main difference lies in their functionalities. Acoustic guitar amps amplify the sound without altering its natural tone, while electric guitar amps often come with built-in effects that help you achieve specific sounds and styles. So, choose your amp based on the type of guitar you play and your desired sound profile.


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