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Best Vox Amps of 2024


A high-quality amp can make the difference between an average performance and an unforgettable one. Amps come in various shapes and sizes, but if you're here, you're probably looking for that classic, iconic sound: the Vox amp.

Vox is a brand that's been around for ages, making a name for itself with its British character and warmth. Ask any guitarist, and they'll tell you - a Vox amp can fill a room with rich, dynamic tones. From small practice amps to powerful stage-ready models, Vox offers something for every aspiring musician.

When you're on the hunt for the best Vox amps, it's essential to focus on what matters most - your specific needs and preferences. Things like size, wattage, and features are crucial to finding the perfect amp for your playing style. Your ideal amp may vary if you're a bedroom musician or a gigging guitarist, but we're confident we can help you find the right fit.

We've spent hours researching and testing various Vox amps, comparing them to ensure we can help you make the most informed decision for your music making endeavors. Join us as we dive into everything you need to know about Vox amps.

Top Picks for Best Vox Amps

Discover our top picks for the best Vox amps, perfect for all aspiring musicians and producers.

VOX AP2AC amPlug 2 AC30 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier

VOX AP2AC amPlug 2 AC30 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier

This amp is a must-buy for its versatility, effects, and portability.


  • 3 amp modes
  • 9 selectable effects
  • Portable, battery-powered


  • Not very rugged
  • Limited output options
  • 2 AAA batteries required

We tried the VOX AP2AC amPlug 2 AC30 Headphone Amplifier, and it's amazing for practicing without disturbing others. The 3 amp modes and 9 selectable effects give you plenty of options for finding your perfect sound.

The tremolo circuit and speaker cabinet emulation make this little powerhouse versatile and fun to play. It's also easy to use, with an aux in jack so you can jam along with your favorite tunes.

However, it doesn't feel very sturdy and may not withstand rough handling, so treat it with care. Also, it has limited output options, and you'll need two AAA batteries to power it up. Despite these minor drawbacks, it's a great practice tool for any budding guitarist or bassist.

Vox V9106 Pathfinder Guitar Combo Amplifier, 10W

Vox V9106 Pathfinder Guitar Combo Amplifier, 10W

A superb choice for home practice, recording, and warm British tones in a compact package.


  • Iconic Vox design & tone
  • Versatile analog sound
  • Headphone output for silent practice


  • No built-in reverb
  • Limited power for live performances
  • May not satisfy heavy metal enthusiasts

We recently tried out the Vox V9106 Pathfinder 10, a compact 10-watt guitar combo amplifier, and were impressed by its rich and warm tones. Perfect for home practice, this amp easily fits into any small space. The amp covers a range of clean to overdrive sounds, all with just a flip of a switch. On top of that, bass and treble controls help create a personal sound.

We appreciate the classic Vox design and style, including the basket-weave leather-look vinyl, the chicken head knobs, and the gold beading with white piping. Not only does it sound good, but it looks good too, easily becoming a conversation piece.

One thing to note is the lack of built-in reverb. This may be a dealbreaker for some, but not a major issue for others. On the other hand, the headphone output with built-in cabinet simulator allows for silent practice or recording with authentic amp tones.

For home use and practice, the Vox V9106 Pathfinder 10 may be exactly what you are looking for, though live performers might need a stronger amp. Experienced heavy metal guitarists may look elsewhere, but overall, the Pathfinder 10 is a quality amplifier with a great tone balance.

Vox Electric Guitar Headphone Amplifier, red (APBM)

Vox Electric Guitar Headphone Amplifier, red (APBM)

A must-have for Queen and Brian May fans who want iconic tones in a portable amp.


  • Designed alongside Brian May himself
  • Includes various classic rhythm patterns
  • Built-in phaser, chorus, and delay effects


  • Plastic construction feels cheap
  • Confusing interface and instructions
  • A bit pricey for the features

Brian May's legendary guitar tone is now at your fingertips with the Vox Electric Guitar Headphone Amplifier, red (APBM). This small, portable amp lets you rock out with headphones, making it perfect for practicing or playing on the go.

Not only are you getting Brian May's classic AC30 + Treble Booster sound, you also have access to various rhythm patterns – including the famous "We Will Rock You" beat. This makes it easier to practice and jam along with some of Queen's most iconic songs.

But this amp isn't just about capturing that Brian May sound. It also features built-in effects like a stereo delay with tap tempo, a phaser, and a chorus. This allows you to recreate some of Queen's famous tones and explore the possibilities for your own music.

Despite its impressive offerings, the Vox Electric Guitar Headphone Amplifier does have a few drawbacks. The plastic construction might make it feel a bit cheap, and the interface and instructions can be confusing at first. Additionally, some users may find the price a bit steep for what they get.

Overall, the Vox Electric Guitar Headphone Amplifier, red (APBM) is a wonderful option for Queen fans and aspiring guitarists who want to experience Brian May's signature sound in a compact and accessible format. With practice, you can unlock immense creative potential and rock on like the legend himself.

Vox AC30 Guitar Headphones w/Effects

Vox AC30 Guitar Headphones w/Effects

These headphones provide silent practice without losing great tone.


  • Stellar sound quality
  • Onboard effects for variety
  • Durable design


  • Small control buttons
  • Wired connection
  • Potentially noisy

We recently tried out the Vox AC30 Guitar Headphones w/Effects, and they're ideal for silent guitar practice. Thanks to Vox and Audio-Technica's collaboration, these headphones deliver excellent sound quality, perfect for aspiring musicians and pros alike.

The Vox AC30 offers three different amp modes and onboard effects like chorus, delay, and reverb. This helps you experiment with your sound and keeps your practice sessions fresh.

Though the headphones are great overall, they do have a few downsides. The control buttons are quite small, making adjustments a bit challenging. They're also wired, which might feel restrictive for some users. Lastly, some customers have reported noise issues, but this varies among users.

In summary, the Vox AC30 Guitar Headphones w/Effects offer stellar sound quality and effects for a great practice experience. If you can overlook the small control buttons and wired connection, they're a fantastic choice for musicians.

VOX AP2MT amPlug 2 Metal Guitar Headphone Amp Bundle

VOX AP2MT amPlug 2 Metal Guitar Headphone Amp Bundle

Practice guitar in peace with this compact, high-quality amp bundle, perfect for metal lovers.



  • Slight buzz reported by users
  • Headphones not top-of-the-line
  • Relies on batteries for power

The VOX AP2MT amPlug 2 Metal Guitar Headphone Amplifier Bundle lets you practice without making a sound. We love how small and portable this amplifier is, taking up virtually no space in your gear bag.

The full analog circuitry makes your guitar sound like it’s plugged into a powerful metal-style amp. Plus, the bundle includes closed-back studio monitor headphones for a complete jamming experience.

Though the headphones aren’t top quality, they’re still a great added value to this bundle. Keep in mind this amp relies on batteries for power, which could be a pro or con, depending on your preferences. Some users have reported a slight buzzing noise while playing, but it does not seem to be a deal-breaker.

In conclusion, this VOX AP2MT amPlug 2 Metal Guitar Headphone Amplifier Bundle is ideal for aspiring metal guitarists who need a compact and portable solution for practicing in silence.

Vox Amps Buying Guide

So you’re in the market for a Vox amp? Great choice! Let’s talk about how to pick the best one.


First, it’s important to consider your budget. Since prices can vary greatly, think about how much you’re willing to spend. High-end models will typically offer more features and power, while lower-priced options might have limited options. It’s important to strike a balance between quality and affordability, so take time to assess what you’re willing to invest in.

Our tip: Make a budget range, rather than an exact price, for flexibility.


Next up is power. How loud do you need your amp to be? Keep in mind that venues and practice spaces differ in size and require different volumes. Make a list of locations where you’ll use your amp most often and choose a model that works well in those environments.

Our tip: Wattage directly affects volume; higher watts mean higher volume levels.


Different Vox amps have various features, such as in-built effects and multiple channels. Consider what you need for your genre, playing style, and preferences. Do you like simplicity or lots of options for customization?

Our tip: Focus on essential features that align with your style and needs.


Last but not least, think about portability. If you’re a gigging musician, portability might be crucial. Compact and lightweight models are available that still pack a punch in sound quality.

Our tip: If portability is important, prioritize lightweight, easy-to-transport models.

That’s it! With these tips, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect Vox amp for your needs. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes these amps stand out on stage?

Vox amps have a distinct tone that sets them apart. Their warm, jangly sound is a favorite of many artists. Eye-catching design plus great sound equals stage presence!

How do you care for your gear to make it last?

Regular cleaning is key to maintaining your amp. Dust and dirt can affect its performance. Store it in a cool, dry place, and use a cover when not in use. Proper care ensures longevity.

What’s the real deal with tube versus solid-state?

Tube amps offer a warm, rich tone with natural distortion. Solid-state amps have cleaner sound and are more durable. It’s about the sound you prefer and your budget.

Can you get big sounds from smaller models?

Definitely! Smaller Vox amps pack a punch. They’re perfect for gigging or practicing in tight spaces. Don’t underestimate their power.

What are the best settings for recording?

Trust your ears when recording. Start with the amp’s volume and gain at 12 o’clock. Then, tweak treble, mid, and bass to find your desired tone.

How do they shape your band’s unique sound?

Vox amps bring character to your music. Their signature tone can be the foundation of your band’s sonic identity. Embrace it, experiment and make it your own.


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