Spotify Playlists

If you’d like to stream my music on Spotify and discover new indie pop artists, check out my playlists below and give them a follow! Thanks for the support.

  • Chill Acoustic Pop & Folk: 16k+ followers
  • Lance’s Picks: Dope Indie Pop: 7k+ followers
  • Lance Tingey Discography: 1k followers
  • Long Live Pop Punk: 5k followers
  • Best of Utah: 1k followers
  • New playlists: Night Vibes & Chill Beats, Shred The Gnar, Ultra Indie

Spotify Playlist Submissions

If you’re an independent artist and would like to submit your music to potentially be added to one or more of my playlists, hit the link below. I’m a big fan of PlaylistPush and use their platform to receive submissions. If you’d like to read my full review of Playlist Push, you can also read that here.


As a disclaimer, I have to be extremely picky about the songs I accept into my playlists and only accept somewhere between 5-10% of Spotify playlist submissions, so please don’t be discouraged if your song is not accepted.

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