December 20

Songtradr Uncovered: Maximize Your Music’s Potential Today


You’ve been working hard on your music. Now, it’s time to share it with the world. Enter Songtradr, a platform designed just for that.

Songtradr makes it simple for artists, producers, and songwriters like you to promote and license your music. Curious about how it all works?

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Songtradr as a way to license your music
  • Promote your tunes effectively with their tools
  • Join a supportive community for musicians

What Is Songtradr?

The Basics

Songtradr is an automated music licensing marketplace. By 2019, it was the go-to platform for over 400,000 artists in 190 countries. As an aspiring musician, this platform can be a vital resource in your journey.

How It Works

After signing up, you can upload various versions of your songs. Be it instrumental or no drums, the choice is vast. Buyers can then license your masterpieces for ads, films, and TV shows. And guess what? You also get a share of the revenue.

So, give Songtradr a try and see your music career soar!

Getting Started with Songtradr

Create An Account

Ready to dive in? First, sign up on Songtradr. You can use your email or Facebook account.

Upload Your Music

Congrats, you’re in! Now it’s time to add your music. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Upload songs: Hit the Upload button and select your files.
  2. Add metadata: Click Add & Edit Song to input song info.
  3. Activate: Make your music available for licensing!

Remember, keep it brief and enjoy the journey in Songtradr!

Music Licensing

Types of Licenses

You might need different licenses for various uses. Here are a few:

  • Sync License: For pairing music with visuals, like films or TV shows.
  • Master License: To use a specific recording in your project.
  • Performance License: For music in public places or live shows.

Setting Prices

When it comes to Songtradr, they give you an easy way to set prices. Let’s look at a few factors influencing price:

  • Use: Is it for a TV ad, a film, a video game or just background music?
  • Size: How big is your audience? Local, regional or national?
  • Duration: How long will you use the music?

With Songtradr, you can simply use their licensing wizard to arrive at a final price. That’s it!

Promoting Your Music

Marketing Tips

You know great music needs a bold presence. To catch eyes, take these marketing steps:

  1. Use eye-catching visuals.
  2. Share your story (be genuine).
  3. Create a solid plan.
  4. Use social media wisely.

Remember, promoting on TikTok is a game-changer too.


Expanding your circle is vital. Don’t forget these networking principles:

  • Connect with fans.
  • Talk to fellow musicians.
  • Attend events.

Forge fruitful relationships and watch your career soar!

Songtradr Tools


Keep track of your music’s performance with Songtradr’s analytics. You’ll get insights into your streams and downloads. Visualize your data with easy-to-read graphs, helping you spot trends and growth areas in your music.


Songtradr’s Portfolio feature makes it easy to organize and showcase your work. With the sortable interface, you can:

  • Create custom playlists with your best tracks
  • Organize music by mood, style, or project type
  • Share your portfolio with potential clients

Take control of your music career with these handy tools. Get started on Songtradr!

Earning Money

Revenue Streams

So, you want to earn money on Songtradr? Let’s break it down! First, know the main ways to make cash:

  • Sync Licensing
  • Monetization

Your tunes have potential, so let’s put them to work.

Getting Paid

Upload your music and follow these steps:

  1. Set up an account
  2. Optimize your tracks

With a bit of patience, you’ll see earnings from those sweet beats.

Community and Support

Connecting with Peers

Join the Songtradr community to meet other artists and producers. Share ideas, make connections, and grow together.

Help Center

Need help? Check out Songtradr’s Artist/Buyer Support for tutorials, tips, and FAQs. Simplify your music journey and keep moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start selling my tracks?

First, sign up on Songtradr. Then, upload your music, add metadata, and activate your tracks.

What kind of music sells best?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The key is to make unique, high-quality music that appeals to a specific audience.

Can I set my own prices?

Yes, you can! Songtradr offers Custom parameters or industry-standard Default Pricing options.

How often do I get paid for sales?

Payment depends on the platform and revenue type. Check Songtradr’s payment policies for more info.

What’s the cut for each sale?

Songtradr takes a percentage based on your subscription plan. Visit their support page for specific details.

Can I sell covers or remixes?

You might need additional permissions for covers and remixes. It’s important to respect copyright laws.



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